SpecTech LLC

Construction Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Construction Monitoring Services

SpecTech provides construction monitoring services, keeping project stakeholders informed on what's most important: what got done

Each week, a pilot visits the site, capturing the same exact pictures, videos, and orthomosaic as the previous week. The result? A visual timeline showcasing the site's progression. 

This streamlines the process of updating project stakeholders, lessening the burden on project managers and catching mistakes before it's too late. See below for some progression orthomosaics and pictures:


Standard Construction Bundle ($500):

Premium Construction Bundle ($600)

3D model only ($350)

Driving fees

To request a free demonstration or ask questions, simply reach out to info@spectechla.com, or give us a call at (225) 224-3277.

To request services, simply fill out the Drone Services Request Form.

Check out some sample 3D models, orthomosaics, volumetric measurements, and more below!

Click here or here to view one of SpecTech's sample projects in Pix4Dcloud.

How to access deliverables

Deliverables are accessible via Pix4Dcloud and Google Drive for at least 60 days after they're shared with you.

Within 1-2 business days of the flight, two links will be shared with the point of contact, a Google Drive link and a Pix4Dcloud link. The pictures and videos will be in a designated Google drive folder, while the orthomosaic is accessible on Pix4Dcloud. Feel free to download all materials from either software. 

Check out the video below for how to view the orthomosaic and 3D data in Pix4Dcloud.


(225) 224-3277