SpecTech LLC

Drone Services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

SpecTech Drone Services focuses on the construction and real estate industries in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

Drone Services for Stockpile Management:

Take accurate inventory of what your gravel pit is producing. Verify how much aggregate is actually on your site, not just what the summation of weigh tickets tell you.

Drone services in Construction:

Regular documentation of the jobsite from an aerial view is a great way to satisfy clients/stakeholders and showcase progress. A 3D model of the jobsite is also a great tool for analyzing existing conditions, measuring stockpile volumes, and verifying that contractors are following plans. 

In road construction, a 3D model and an orthomosaic are great tools to verify and document proper traffic control. When vehicle accidents happen anywhere near a construction zone the first target from plaintiff attorneys will be the company responsible for traffic control. With regular weekly (or daily) orthomosaics being made of your jobsite, you reduce the risk of false accusations being made against your company.

Drone services in Real Estate:

Aerial photography and videography is a great way to showcase a property to potential buyers. For many buyers, interest in purchasing a home is emotionally driven, and  professionally edited videos/photos are the best way to create that emotional attachment. In contrast, commercial buyers are all about the cold hard facts. An aerial perspective is the best way to document many key aspects of a property such as neighboring businesses and traffic flow.

About the Pilot

Our pilot, Joe, has over 2 years of experience in the drone industry. With a mechanical engineering background, he developed an autonomous delivery drone. Later, he became a professional pilot in the forensic engineering industry with the inspection and surveying of accident scenes. In 2022, Joe started his own company that provides full-time drone services to a variety of industries (see below). Overall, Joe is polite and levelheaded, maintaining professionalism in high intensity environments.

Legal disclaimer - SpecTech is does not provide accident investigation or reconstruction services.

Joe is Part 107 certified and insured. 

To request a free demonstration, setup services, or ask questions, simply reach out to info@spectechla.com, or give us a call at (225) 224-3277.


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